Are You Going To Run Out Of Money In Retirement?

FERS retirement income is structured with 3 components:

1. FERS Pension
2. Social Security
3. TSP Income 

Download this guide to plan for a retirement where you dont run out of money. 

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What's Inside

This e-book will guide you through the complicated steps in an uncomplicated way, covering topics such as:

  • • Paying off your mortgage
    • Do you plan to live in the same home?
    • Will you travel? How much?
    • Did you factor in medical costs?
    • Will your insurance increase?
    • Did you factor in inflation?
    • What about federal, state and local taxes? 

About The Author

As an owner and founding partner at both Federal Navigators and Medallion Financial Group, John Stohlman has been assisting his clients as a financial consultant specializing in retirement and estate planning for over 25 years. He is passionate about helping people identify their deepest values, set goals, and manage the complex decisions and risks involved in achieving them.

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