Invest in the Justice League

Imagine that the Joker is on the loose in Gotham City. He’s doing his normal Joker thing: robbing banks and breaking things, and he has Joker-dressed goons running all over the city. Not only that, but let’s say that the Riddler is also wreaking havoc. There’s only one hero that can save the day, right? Batman!

Na na na na na na BATMAAAN!

Here’s the problem though: that’s a lot for Batman to deal with at once. Having Batman go alone is a pretty big risk. And why would he go alone if he could also get help from Superman, the Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Arrow, and the rest of the Justice League? What if the Batmobile is temporarily out of service, or some of his gadgets are broken? The point is: we could either have a very, very busy Batman fighting on his own, who might not even win (unbelievable, I know), or we could be pretty confident that he and the rest of the Justice League together would come out on top. It’s a lot less risk to have the whole Justice League fighting instead of just Batman.

Invest in the Justice League

The same can apply to financial planning. Investing in just one thing puts you and your money in a pretty risky situation. Sure, if that investment does well, you’ll benefit from it. But if something happens and that investment goes down, it’s not a pretty picture. That’s why it’s a good idea to diversify: put your money in several different investments instead of just one.


Diversification allows positive performance from some investments to counteract negative performance from others. Diversification doesn’t guarantee a benefit, or that you won’t have any losses: it is simply meant to lower the risk of losing all your money if one of your investments has a bad year. If you invest in 20 different stocks and one goes down the tubes, you still have a good chance that one of the other 19 will go up, at least enough to soften the blow. While diversification doesn’t prevent you from losing money, it can reduce risk and give you a better chance at keeping your portfolio steady, if not positive, in the long run.

Not Everyone is as Rich as Bruce Wayne

A common challenge some people encounter when trying to diversify their portfolios is that they have limited budgets to invest with. That’s fine! There are plenty of ways to diversify even if you don’t have a whole lot to put away. You just have to be aware of your options and how to work with what you’ve got.

Do the Good Guys Always Win?

In the comic books, the good guys always win. Batman will probably find a way to get rid of the Joker and the Riddler like he always does, with or without the Justice League. In the end, order is restored, and all is well in Gotham City. However, that is not at all a guarantee when it comes to investing. You are at a far greater risk if you rely on just one investment. So why try to rely on Batman alone when you can have the whole Justice League?