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Maximize Your Lifetime Benefits With Personalized Guidance and In-Depth Analysis

Customized Recommendations

For married couples we suggest joint claiming strategies, since the choices made by each will affect the other's options.

For widowed and divorced widowed households, we can determine the most effective way to combine widow(er) and individual benefits.

For divorced workers, we consider the option of collecting spousal benefits as well as individual benefits.

For households with children who qualify for benefits, options may include collecting spouse with child in-care as well as mother’s and father’s benefits.

What You'll Get

Attention to Detail

Calculate your benefits using any life expectancy to see how the different strategies play out when you factor in the possibility of living for a shorter or longer time than you expect. 

Our reports show you what your future benefits will be in terms of today's values, enabling an apples-to-apples comparisons of the projections.

In addition to using top-level security measures, we never ask for your sensetive information like your Social Security number, usernames or passwords.

Customize Your
Life Expectancy

Lifetime Benefits in Present-Year Dollars

Securing Your Information

Easy to Understand

We will provide you with a simple summary outlining
 the dates that we recommend you start collecting your benefits.

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View Household Benefits

Married and partnered couples can view combined year-by-year breakdowns to compare different strategies.

Compare What-Ifs

Explore the possibilities by comparing your current plan with other strategies to determine the best way to collect your Social Security.

Get Accurate Results

We use accurate information taken directly from your Social Security account, but provide details far beyond any calculations that they can make.  

Take Action 

Get a detailed plan to get the most out of your benefits by following step-by-step recommendations from our advisors.

We Analyze 11 Types of Social Security Benefits.

1. Retirement Benefits

2. Spouse’s Benefits

3. Divorced Spouse’s Benefits

4. Adult Disability Benefits

5. Child In-Care Spouse’s Benefits

6. Widow(er)’s Insurance Benefits

7. Divorced Widow(er)’s Benefits

8. Child’s Benefits

9. Disabled Child’s Benefits

10. Surviving Child’s Benefits

11. Father’s and Mother’s Benefits

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